Are your products GMO-free?

Yes. All products carry Non-GMO Project Verified certification.

Are your products gluten-free?

Our products have been tested and verified as gluten-free by Eurofins.

Do your products contain artificial ingredients?

No. Currently we only supply natural products and avoid artificial or synthetic sweeteners and refined sugars.

Are your products Organic?

Where possible we use Organic Stevia and Organic Monk Fruit, however due to flavourings and blends developed through fermentation we cannot claim "Organic" status.

Is your packaging sustainable?

Currently we use compostable thermoplastics like PLA PE. We are keeping our eyes on this space for alternatives that can print cleanly, able to stand on a shelf, and durable over time without flaking.

* PLA is a compostable thermoplastic derived from plant extracts like cornstarch or sugarcane and is carbon-neutral, edible and biodegradable

Who uses your products?

A diverse range of people use our products with the shared goal of reducing calorie intake. Common profiles include people on Keto diets, diabetics and pre-diabetics, weight conscious, post-bariatric care, or concerned partners/parents substituting refined sugars from the diet of their loved ones.