Sugar Free Food Ltd. and the Sweetnz® brand were created by Lynn and Glenn, a South Island brother and sister team who were searching for chemical-free sugar-free sweeteners to use in their homemade chocolate recipe. Finding it difficult to access reliable suppliers in New Zealand, in true entrepreneurial spirit they decided to source and sell products themselves.

Successfully growing the business for six years, Lynn and Glenn decided to head for retirement and passed the baton to the Clarke Family, who relocated operations up to Auckland in July 2022. 

For the Clarke’s Keto, diabetes, weight loss, and sports nutrition are all theme’s of our family’s lives, so when we discovered Sugar Free Food we felt a sense of shared values around health and well-being. 

Our goals as a business include increasing the availability of products across the whole of New Zealand, while also expanding our range of products. We will look to partner with other sugar free entrepreneurs as we go.

We believe that Stevia, Xylitol, Erythritol, Monk Fruit and Allulose, among other natural products will become a staple for those of us seeking to fulfil our health goals, and we look forward to receiving and sharing ideas for other sugar free Kiwi’s

If you are curious or actively participating in Ketogenic diet, calorie management, weight loss, or nutrition, join thousands of other Kiwi's on your own sweet ‘n healthy journey!!

New Company Name: 
Sugar Free Living Limited
Trading As: 
Sugar Free Food
Product Brands: Sweetnz
New Contact: 
hello (at) sugarfreefood.co.nz
Sales Channels: 
Wholesale, Bulk, and Online