Chocolate Mousse


200g cooking chocolate - ideally sugar free!
4 eggs, separate yolks from whites
300 ml cream
2 tablespoons of natural sweetener such as Classic Blend or Premium Blend


Break the chocolate into the top of a bowl and place bowl in hot water, stirring until the chocolate has melted. Allow to cool slightly.
Stir in the egg yolks and beat until thickened with a consistent texture.
Whip the cream - add a touch of sweetener to your preference - and quickly pour the chocolate mix in, stirring gently.
Beat the egg whites in another bowl until fluffy but not dry. Gradually add the sweetener, beating until the mixture becomes thick and glossy.
Pour a third of the egg whites into the chocolate, stirring gently, then add the next two thirds in the same way.
Serve the batter in single size portions or a large dish to be self-served. 
Place in the refrigerator until ready the mix is cool and thickened, ready to serve.


Add blueberries or strawberries as a topping, along with a single mint leaf for decoration.