Ginger Slice

Ginger Slice is a real Kiwi favourite, here is a super healthy version and with heaps of health-promoting ginger.
It's an anti-inflammatory. ...
It relieves muscle pain. ...
It settles the stomach. ...
It can help regulate blood sugar. ...
It helps prevent heart disease. ...
It reduces the risk of diabetes. ...
It reduces cancer risk. ...
It eases menstrual pain.

You get the idea, plus coconut oil, and nut butter, and again so easy to make.



250 grams Peanut Butter or nut butter of your choice
165 grams Coconut Oil (soft or melted)
30 grams Sweetnz Icing (not) Sugar
12 drops Sweetnz Vanilla Stevia
50 grams Pumpkin seeds or Pistachio nuts
12 tsp Ground Ginger - Yep!
Pinch of Salt


1. Put nut butter, coconut oil, Vanilla Stevia, salt into a bowl and mix well.
2. Add Icing (not) Sugar and mix until smooth
3. Add ground ginger, if you are a little nervous about the amount add 8 - 10 tsp and taste. The oil and nut butter absorb a lot of the ginger flavour, and to get a real ginger slice you need heaps. Add more ginger until you are happy with the taste.
4. Mix in pumpkin seeds or pistachio nuts.
5. Pour into a silicone pan and put in the fridge to set.
6. Cut into squares and store in the fridge in a sealed container.

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