Carb Free Homemade Chocolate

Here it is .....Low Carb/ Sugar-Free - Homemade 80% Dark Chocolate, using New Zealand's own "Sweetnz" range to naturally sweeten the Choc.
Once you've mastered this you will never want to be without some of this in the house. Now it has not been refined so does not eat exactly like a shop bought chocolate, but it is certainly good enough for all your baking needs and good enough for certain types of chocolate treats like the Peppermint Crisps recipe that will follow AND very low carbs !!! Actually, it is good enough to eat by itself even if it is slightly different as you will notice when you just try one bit then another. You will also be able to make your own chocolate chips as well which will have a multitude of uses.



90 grams Cocoa Butter
80 grams Cocoa Powder
40 grams Sweetnz Icing (not) Sugar
25 drops Sweetnz Vanilla Stevia

Note: Please be very careful with regard to letting any moisture touch your chocolate otherwise it will seize.
Be careful with seam coming out from the saucepan under the bowl, especially when lifting off saucepan and always use a metal spoon to mix (a wooden spoon will hold too much moisture)


Melt Cocoa Butter in a double boiler or in a bowl over a saucepan of very gently simmering water.

Sieve with a fine mesh both the cocoa powder and Icing (not) Sugar

When the Cocoa Butter has completely melted mix in the cocoa powder and then the Icing (not) Sugar and Stevia.
Finally, add the Sweetnz stevia drops and mix and taste to see if you need it to be any sweeter if so add a few more drops of Vanilla Stevia.

Now the temperature of the chocolate will have cooled down now but make sure it goes as low as 77-8- F/ 25-27C then put it back on the saucepan of water and heat gently until it reaches 88-91 F or 31-32 C. It is best if you can stir gently but continuously during this process.
If it has remained above those temperatures then still let it cool down until it reaches the correct temperatures.

Pour immediately onto the prepared tin with wax paper, spread evenly over the tray and bang the tray a few times on the kitchen top to smooth out the chocolate and eliminate any air bubbles (put a towel under the tray before banging). Put in the fridge to set, it won’t take very long, take out of fridge let come to room temperature. break into pieces and store in an airtight container.

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