Sugarless Coconut Macaroons

I wanted a little gift to take to some friends I was visiting and remembered these lovely little sugar-free coconut macaroons that we used to make when we were making and selling our sugar-free chocolates at the local farmers market so made a batch to take as a wee pressy.
Now, these are made with egg whites but if there are any vegan out there who would like a vegan version please comment here and I will get one together for you.



4 Egg whites
50 grams of Sweetnz Premium or Classic Blend or Icing (not) Sugar
1 tsp Almond Essence
1 full squirt (about 9 - 12 drops) Sweetnz Vanilla Stevia
200 grams Desiccated Coconut * see note

Chocolate drizzle:
1 Tblsp Cacao Powder
1 ½ Tblsp WARM WATER
12-15 drops Sweetnz Chocolate Stevia Drops
(or use 2-3 tsp Sweetnz Icing (not) Sugar + a little extra water)


Preheat oven to 180 C
Line a baking tray with some non-stick baking paper.
Whisk egg whites in a very dry clean bowl with electric whisk until firm peaks are formed.
Add Sweetnz sweetener in 2 - 3 batches whisking between each batch to ensure thoroughly mixed and beginning to look shiny 
Add Almond Essence and Vanilla Stevia drops and whisk a little to incorporate.
Gently fold in desiccated coconut a little at a time until all coconut is mixed in. Do not overmix at this stage.
Carefully drop a rounded tablespoon of mixture onto the baking tray and bake for around 10 - 15 mins (or until just browned a little)

These are perfect just as is, but if you would like a little chocolate topping:
Mix Cocoa powder with warm water and mix, add Sweetnz stevia drops. Drizzle or pipe over macaroons. You might need a little extra water if just drizzling.
If using Sweetnz Icing (not) Sugar then mix cocoa powder and icing (not) sugar together first then add water, you will need a little extra water for this.

*Note: It is far better to buy either shredded or flaked coconut and then blitz yourself in a processor or blender as desiccated coconut bought in shops has much of the coconut oil taken out. You get a much better product making this yourself and a lot more coconut oil in the desiccated coconut.