Better Breakfasts with Sugar-Free Monk Fruit and Liquid Stevia

I thought I would share that finally we have the new packaging for our natural sweeteners in place - all except for the Golden Brown, which will be ready in a few weeks. 

If you don't see these in your local supermarket, please ask the staff to stock them. Our stockists include most New Worlds, all Fresh Choices, but not Countdown or Pak 'n Save.

We are also in most Wholefoods/Bin Inn's around New Zealand and a lot of boutique whole foods stores - you can check our Stockists page for details. 

As for breakfast, here is how I made a delicious porridge:

  • This one is optional but I like it as a boost: a few drops of Raspberry flavoured Liquid Stevia, mixed into...
  • A flavoured yoghurt - we like the one in the picture, but obviously many will like an unsweetened yoghurt to make a totally Sugar Free Breakfast.
  • A sprinkle of Monk Fruit Not Sugar, as we are not big fans of the old Golden Brown recipe - we will share a separate post how we are fixing that!
  • And some unsweetened oats. Any brand will do.