Where is the Allulose?

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Since taking over Sugar Free Food in 2022 we have been on a crash course in the world of sweeteners. One name that keeps coming up in queries from customers is Allulose so we thought it time to share an update. 

What is Allulose?

Allulose is a newer "sugar alcohol" that has increasingly been used over and above other products around the world, and we get asked about it - a lot. 

This is one of the super sweeteners that has all the benefits of other sugar alcohols, but without the cooling effect. What is more, Allulose will brown and caramelise, whereas others do not.

Allulose was in our range of products until November 2021, when the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) withdrew it from the permissible import list until further notice. What is happening from our understanding is that MPI is seeking to put some regulation around this new product. That's fair enough.

Exclusive Supply

The company that has submitted the application is a large global pharmaceutical company with huge investment in the sugar alcohol and sweetener space. We have been talking to them about a distribution arrangement so that we can supply our Bin Inn and whole food retailers, however the volumes required for this may be beyond our capability at this point in time. 


We do see a fair amount of Allulose on the market here in New Zealand, which is a concern. Obviously it is bypassing government channels. We have been waiting patiently for the approved product as we wish to avoid any issues or legal problems. 

Coming Soon 

With regards to the approved product, Food & Safety Australia and New Zealand have approved it, but New Zealand's MPI seems to be dragging their feet. Despite this, as soon as it is "legal" again, we will definitely carry this product. 

We have been playing around with some of our old stock and really enjoying it on it's own, but we are also experimenting with a blend of Allulose and Stevia in the same way we produce our Classic Not Sugar and Icing Not Sugar

We have even gone so far as to apply for trademarks in Australia and New Zealand for the naming rights of this blend. Watch this space!

Find out more about Allulose here: https://allulose.org/