Plum and Chia Jam



500 grms Plums (About 10 plums)
1 ½ Tblsp Chia Seeds
4 Tblsp Sweetnz Premium or Classic Blend
4-6 Drops Sweetnz Vanilla Stevia Drops


De stone plums and cut into smallish pieces
Cook plums very slowly in a saucepan (with lid on) with just a dash of water to stop them sticking, cook until just soft, this may vary in time depending on type of plums.
Add Sweetnz Blend of your choice and stir a little until it is dissolved.
Add chia seeds and mix well.  These will swell up and thicken the jam as they absorb the liquid, you can always wait a little until this happens before putting in jar to adjust thickness if you would like it a little thicker then just add some more chia seeds.
Finally add Sweetnz stevia drops and just taste to see if you need a couple of more drops to make it to your liking. Remember when food is cold it always tastes less sweet.
Put into clean sterilized jars and keep in fridge.


You can just use Sweetenz blends if you wish but the little bit of Vanilla stevia at the ends gives a lovely flavour.
You can also make larger amount and just freeze in small bags or containers ready for use.   

Enjoy !!