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Welcome to the Sugar Free family! We're excited to introduce you to the Tweeddale family, unsung heroes and one of New Zealand's largest producers of Manuka honey. Although the Tweeddale name might not ring a bell, their honey is the secret ingredient behind many of New Zealand's renowned Manuka brands.

Since its humble beginnings in 1945, founded by Stuart and Thelma, Tweeddales has blossomed from a small family venture into a robust operation with over 19,000 beehives, stewarded by four dedicated generations. This makes them one of the largest family-owned beekeeping enterprises in the country.

The Tweeddales are deeply committed to crafting a range of high-quality natural honeys. They take pride in their renowned Manuka Honey, harvested from their expansive 16,000 acres, as well as their aromatic Forest and Clover blend honeys. With a steadfast commitment to quality and full traceability, they continue to honour and build upon a long-standing tradition of beekeeping excellence.

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