What is Monk Fruit?

 Monk Fruit is quickly becoming a favourite among sugar free sweeteners thanks to its great taste and low GI, calorie and carbohydrate count.

It comes from a small melon-like fruit found in the mountains of southern China, where for hundreds of years it has been grown and used by Buddhist Monks, hence the name Monk Fruit.

It has also been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine as a digestive aid and to treat coughs and colds.

Its sweetness doesn’t come from sugar but from antioxidant compounds called mogrosides. Though incredibly sweet these aren’t recognized by the body as sugar. They are metabolized in the body quite differently and therefore do not raise blood sugar levels.

Monk fruit can be up to 200 times as sweet as sugar depending on how it is processed. It can come in a liquid or powdered form.

It has a pleasant mildly caramel flavour.

Apart from being an amazing sweetener Monk Fruit has shown to be ........

A useful antioxidant, a natural antibiotic, and an effective anti-inflammatory.

Studies have shown it may help reduce fatigue, reduce histamine and asthmatic reactions, be effective against cancer, and useful as an antidiabetic medicine.

Monk fruit has no known side effects.

Learn more here: https://monkfruit.org/faqs/