Super Simple, Super Yum!!

I thought it may be worth sharing one of our favourites at home, which is super simple and super delicious. 

We've been adding Caramel and Vanilla Stevia Drops to milk since we came into the business, but we started on Raspberry and Chocolate and wow!! They're great and it's kind of amazing to think that they really are sweet with zero calories.

It was a bit silly of us but the Chocolate flavoured Stevia had exceeded it's best before date so we put it all aside in wait for the next shipment to arrive. The only time I used it was to spruce up a dead boring cereal, but none of us had considered it for milk!!

The new shipment that has the Chocolate flavour is finally in customs, so after many delays we could be about to post about all the new Stevia Drop flavours, including LemonSpearmint, Watermelon, Peach and Pineapple, as well as the Monk Fruit Drops we brought in to try. (Back soon!)

Perhaps at some point we can even launch a range of flavoured milk like we had when we were kids - but without the sugar. 

Check out the range in the Shop.