Because it's Not Sugar!

Craving sugar?

Why doesn't it taste like sugar?

Seriously. This is a question asked by people who can't let go of sugar. We need to break that bond. 

This is one of the reasons we have decided to run with the theme of Icing (Not) Sugar and rebrand many of the sweetener products as exactly that...

Not Sugar

Sure, we all love the taste of sugar. That is the whole problem!! 

Because of this love affair-turned-addiction the western world has sky rocketing rates of Type 2 Diabetes, obesity and a whole lot of the complications that come with that. Yet we continue crave sugar and the food manufacturers are more than happy to feed the habit.

Our blends add the boost of Stevia or Monk Fruit extract to make them a great 1:1 replacement for sugar, but they are not sugar. So no, natural sweeteners do not taste the same as sugar. However they are sweet and they are delicious.

Sweet AND Healthy

Here is the kicker: they have low or no calories!! 

The sweetnz® range is for those who want to break their addiction, change their lives for the better, and do that without compromising their values around chemicals or artificial ingredients. 

If you are the one asking that question, it may take you time to adjust to new flavours, but you need to mentally break the sugar addiction or you will never heal yourself from it's damage. 

Sneak Peak

Below is a sneak peak at the new packaging concept for Not Sugar that will come out in early 2023. We hope you like it!!

Recyclable packaging concept for 2023