New Packaging in 2023

Hey there Sugar Free Fans, we have big news!!

We are currently in the process of repackaging our products with a new theme: Not Sugar

UPDATE: Photos

It's no longer just a concept!!

Luckily our manufacturers worked hard to get these printed over our Christmas and New Year to be shipped just prior to the Chinese New Year. It may be late February by the time they arrive, and from there we need to start on the repacking, so hopefully we are on shelves by mid-March.


After exploring options we have opted to go with a full packet print on recylable materials. While we strongly wanted to have a fully biodegradable material the limitations on shelf life of the package were not practical. We looked at compostable materials, but for "home compostable" material would face the same issue of longevity. 

In the meantime, to provide customers with options we are also exploring a sweetnz® branded tin can concept for people to buy and refill. The refill pouches will be fully compostable. 

Product Names

This idea started with original owners Lynn and Glenn when they named Icing (not) Sugar and we think the Not Sugar name can be used for more of our products. 

With the new packaging you will see that a number of product names will change. Specifically: 

    1. Classic Not Sugar
    2. Erythritol Not Sugar
    3. Golden Brown Not Sugar --- this will involve a slight change in the recipe to improve flavour and shelf life
    4. Premium Golden Brown --- this will be a new product
    5. Icing Not Sugar - no change
    6. Monk Fruit Not Sugar
    7. Monk Fruit Extract - no change
    8. Premium Xylitol Blend - no change
    9. Xylitol Not Sugar 

We believe the new packaging will help our products stand out on shelves in supermarkets and pantries to attract a wider number of sugar-free curious