I don't mind if I do...

Wicked in a good way!

I am not normally a spirits drinker but Sawae is on occasion (she might clobber me for writing that!). Anyway, thinking it a likely match, I bought a bottle of gin to test out how some of the new Liquid Stevia Drop flavours would work out. 

This was a winning combination. Just wow!!

In fairness I suspect the gin itself - Imagination Gin from Kapiti - is a really good one, and with a generous splash of Peach flavoured Stevia drops it is phenomenal. 

I also tried the Spearmint and Raspberry flavours, which were good, but not quite as good. I also assume that Watermelon is a nice match, and probably the Pineapple too, but I had to stop after the Spearmint as I'd been a bit liberal with the gin portions...  

For those who like a tipple, enjoy!