What is Stevia?


The stevia plant originates from South America where the leaves of the plant  have been used for hundreds of years to sweeten food. Interestingly it was also used medicinally to treat burns and stomach problems.

Today only the sweetest part of the plant is used creating a natural sweetener that is many times sweeter than sugar.

Its a great modern day crop, only using about one fifth of the land required to grow sugar and much less water.

It has been shown to be useful in lowering blood pressure and other studies have shown that it could be useful in treating type 2 diabetes.

Stevia has zero calories. And little to no effect on blood glucose, insulin levels. 

Learn More:

Learn more about Stevia at https://steviabenefits.org/ or at https://www.stevia.org/

I am only posting the top 8 articles that came from a Google search, but here are more scientific studies on the health benefits ascribed to Stevia:

  1. Natural sweetener Stevia rebaudiana: Functionalities, health benefits and potential risks - link 
    • This paper reviews many other research studies conducted on Stevia and suggest that Stevia has benefits such as:
      • Anti-diabetic
      • Anti-hypertension
      • Anti-metabolic syndrome (obesity)
      • Promoting renal function
      • Antioxidant
      • Anti-cancer
    • The paper also cites a study in 1968 that showed negative side effects in rats. However the authors go on to state that Paraguayans have consumed Stevia for 1500 years without side effects, as have the Japanese over more recent decades.  
  2. Anti-Cancer Properties of Stevia rebaudiana; More than a Sweetener - link
  3. Stevia: It’s Not Just About Calories - link 
  4. In-vitro Antimicrobial and Antitumor Activities of Stevia Rebaudiana (Asteraceae) Leaf Extracts - link
  5. Stevia: Medicinal Miracles and Therapeutic Magic - link
  6. Genotoxic Activity of Saccharin, Acesulfame-K, Stevia and AspartameAcesulfame-K in Commercial Form - link
  7. Anticariogenic  properties  and  effects  onperiodontal structures of  Stevia rebaudianaBertoni. - link
  8. A review of stevia as a potential healthcare product: Up-to-date functional characteristics, administrative standards and engineering techniques - link