To Keto or not to Keto? How about Lazy Keto?

I mentioned in our first blog post that we are not a hard core Keto family. Yes, we absolutely get it and we agree with the concepts behind the keto movement, but we just don't need to be 100% keto all the time. 

We are what they call "Lazy Keto" or perhaps "Keto Lite". (I kind of like the sound of Lazy Keto, so I will use that.)

What is Keto?

The Ketogic Diet (commonly called "Keto") is a diet that seeks to limit sugar and carbohydrate to the extent that your body goes into a state of "Ketosis". Starved of sugars and carbs, Ketosis the process where your body uses the energy stored in fat, which is not only an obvious weight loss strategy, but also has other health benefits.

You know what? Here's Wikpedia. There is a lot of info on Keto available if you look online and we are here to focus on Lazy Keto

But, what is Lazy Keto?

Based on the name you can probably guess that it is a bit of a less than full effort at a Ketogenic Diet. You do keto some days, or even with some meals, or even just a mix in keto-friendly foods that serve to reduce your overall sugar and carbohydrate intake. 

I made this up but I think it demonstrates the market as a whole and where we fit in...

Like any new diet trend, "Keto" can be intimidating for newcomers. Like all trends it starts with the fans who are highly educated on and devoted to the subject, and is adopted later on by the less devout. 

The goal for Keto I think, is to collaborate with us Lazy Keto types and improve education to the point that Keto is not a "fad", but a mainstream part of healthy living. Right now I think it is at the point where education is key to helping the "majority" across the line, and Lazy Keto is a less intimidating start. 

How can I get started?

Look into some of the Keto cafes and shops found on Google or on our Online Stockists page. Even without buying anything you will start to get a feel for what is available (and you will be pleasantly surprised).

If you have a Bin Inn or other wholefood grocery near your home, why not pop in and look around? 

In our house we started by reducing the amount of potato, pasta and rice in our meals, while upping the proteins. We started every so often, and now it is a pretty regular thing. We still have carb heavy meals and even sugar heavy snacks from time to time, but it's not the norm. 

What about sugar?

Maybe you don't want to lose the sweetness in your food and snacks and that's where Sugar Free Food can come in.

If you aren't comfortable going to zero with your table sugar, why not start baking or cooking with half sugar and half Xylitol or Erythritol granules? That could be a nice easy stepping stone toward your final destination: a healthy and sweet sugar free life. 

If you are aggressively looking to reduce the calories and maintain the same sweetness as sugar, then perhaps the Erythritol/Stevia "Classic" Blend is a better fit to your needs. The added Organic Stevia extract gives the Blend a boost, bringing the overall sweetness to much the same as that of table sugar.

Play around and see what works for you!!