"You May Never Eat Sugar Again After Watching This! | Dr. Robert Lustig"

We're not here to say to everyone that we need to go to zero sugar all the time. For some of us, yes, that makes sense. For others, not so much - at least not from Day One of a journey towards better health. For some it takes time. 

One of the problems we have is that sugar is so darned tasty! We get it. 

Sugar is Bad! We get it.

Dr. Chatterjee is one of many we follow on YouTube for guidance on general health. Some episodes are truly fascinating and this one could be worth a look for anyone new to this site and wondering what all the fuss is about. 

Rather than explain the video contents, for now I'll just post it and let the title do the talking. Just the first few minutes of it are eye opening to the uninitiated. 

Consideration for New Entrants

We've been considering blending a product that helps newcomers to get started. We will gather feedback and make a decision, but the concept is to blend sugar with our Classic Blend. Yes, you read that right. At least beginners can start with a 50% reduction in calories and take steps toward going to zero. 

As Dr. Lustig states in this video clip, sugar is but one of the problems. Over consumption of ultra-processed food and seed oils, among other things, are also major issues.

Our food supply system is broken and we encourage people to visit Whole Foods stores to find unprocessed foods.